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About ACS

Arizona Computer Services was established in 1970 as a medical billing and online receivables company. We’re a well established, privately owned technology-enabled services and solutions provider specializing in medical billing, practice management and transcriptions services. Service, stability and long term relationships are key to our beliefs. We have been working with many of our clients for 5, 10, 20+ years.

We provide the support, knowledge and technologies for Physicians, Clinics and Medical Billing Companies to succeed. Medical Practices, Consultants, Clinics, Billing Companies and Claims Processors all benefit from our services.

Our experienced medical billing team includes skilled Medical Billers, Coders, Geeks and Consultants who will guide your patient and workflow practices to maximize reimbursement while maintaining compliancy with HIPAA and CMS regulations. We have the right combination of people, systems and technologies to help you through trying times, increase your revenues, recommend actions or to simply do your billing for you.

Our Mission:

  • ACS’ mission is to bear in mind the our only true "product" is service.

  • To provide quality service above and beyond that which is expected by the client at a competitive price.

  • To assist the client in attaining their greatest potential revenues and efficiency.

  • To keep current and proactive with respect to new requirements and regulations — not to merely react.

  • To continually refine and add services without adding expense to the client.

  • Finally, to assure continued operations, there must be a reasonable profit for the shareholders.

Our staff:

Bruce Westenberg
Owner and President, Arizona Computer Services Inc

Chairman of Arizona Computer Services (PVT) LTD

With 30 years in the field of Medical Billing and Practice Management, Bruce has also instructed students and professionals at Community Colleges, Trade Schools, Arizona State Univerity.

Bruce knows the Healthcare Industry and is a well known resource in the Medical Billing community.

Masaood Ahmed Baloch
CEO, Arizona Computer Services (PVT) LTD

MBA, PACS Certification, COPC Certification

Masaood has over 15 years of experience in BPO industry and has proven himself very astute in the fields of Medical Transcription and Medical Billing.

He has managed several leading IT and Medical Billing companies, most recently AMZ as Vice President - Medical Billing Division and Consultant to a 100 seat call center.